Luxurynsight Founder and CEO Jonathan Siboni examines TikTok’s emergence as a game-changer for the beauty industry

In an era where digital platforms shape consumer behaviour, TikTok has emerged as a powerful tool for the beauty industry.

Our team at Luxurynsight, in partnership with consumer trends agency Spate, had the chance to delve into the dynamic world of personal fragrances on TikTok in 2023.

This exclusive report reveals valuable insights on TikTok’s potential, opportunities for fragrance players, best practices, and 2023 fragrance trends featuring renowned luxury brands.

TikTok’s influence continues to surge with its massive global user base, particularly in the luxury sector’s key markets. The report unveils TikTok’s potential as an essential platform for fragrance players, with staggering statistics showcasing its impact. This includes exponential growth in consumer spending and a substantial increase in beauty-related posts.

Notably, an overwhelming 89% of US TikTok users have made beauty product purchases inspired by the platform in 2022. Such data underscores TikTok’s power to captivate affluent audiences and shape their purchasing decisions. The beauty industry must recognize TikTok’s key dynamics to effectively harness its potential and position fragrance brands at the forefront of digital luxury experiences.

TikTok presents a wealth of untapped opportunities for fragrance brands operating in the luxury sector. Despite driving a significant portion of social media-driven fragrance purchases in the US, only a fraction of sales occur within the app, highlighting a vast potential for growth.

TikTok’s sophisticated algorithm strategically matches fragrances with users’ interests and activities, curating personalised content that resonates with individual identities. By harnessing this dynamic platform, fragrance brands can engage with Gen Z consumers who actively seek independent and emotionallydriven fragrance experiences.

Additionally, the report sheds light on the emergence of the “deinfluencing” trend, where users share their dislikes and suggest alternatives, offering fragrance players a unique opportunity to showcase the authenticity and exclusivity of their offerings.

The report highlights successful strategies adopted by renowned beauty brands. One such example is Phlur, a niche fragrance brand that created intrigue by sending white T-shirts along with their coveted Missing Person fragrance to TikTok influencers, resulting in heightened engagement and anticipation.

Armani Beauty partnered with TikTok creators to launch My Floral Way, effectively raising brand awareness through a mix of authentic reviews and brand advertisements. Lancôme’s Idôle Aura fragrance campaign achieved remarkable conversion rates by offering users the opportunity to request free samples directly from their engaging in-feed ads. Jean Paul Gaultier’s introduction of a TikTok filter for the Scandal Pour Homme fragrance encouraged user participation, leading to 51 million views and 3,000 usergenerated videos. Furthermore, YSL Beauté successfully employed Top View content to promote the launch of its Libre fragrance, ensuring maximum visibility with 44 million views and 4.14% click-through rates.

The report unveils the dominant fragrance trends on TikTok during Q1 2023. Perfume emerged as the most viewed trend, followed by cologne, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Body Mist.

Notably, hair perfume and pheromone perfume experienced significant growth in views, presenting opportunities for fragrance players to cater to these niche segments. When examining popular fragrance brands, Armani Beauty, Dior, Paco Rabanne, Cacharel, and Moschino emerged as the top contenders in terms of total views.

TikTok has revolutionised the fragrance industry by providing an immersive platform for luxury brands to engage with consumers and establish a captivating digital presence. Our experts at Luxurynsight and Spate highlight the immense potential TikTok offers to fragrance players, outline effective strategies, and unveil 2023 fragrance trends and popular brands.

Executives in the luxury, beauty, and fashion industries can utilise this knowledge to leverage TikTok’s influence, elevate their fragrance brands, and navigate the dynamic digital landscape, ultimately driving growth, brand loyalty, and success in the online community sphere.

Editor’s note: The Personal Fragrances on TikTok in 2023 report was made possible thanks to LY News, Luxurynsight’s AI-powered news curation platform for luxury, fashion, and beauty leaders, and Spate’s TikTok hashtag tracker.