Zuma AI

British industrial designer Morten Warren has launched Zuma, a technology company aiming to reinvent the way in which sound and light are experienced in the home.

Using a compact, high-performance loudspeaker which is combined with a low-energy LED light, Zuma creates a wireless, clutter-free and immersive audio-visual alternative for home interiors.

Zuma AI
A compact, high-performance loudspeaker is combined with a low-energy LED light, providing a new audio-visual experience in the home

Different lighting and audio combinations can be employed using voice command via Amazon Alexa or through the Zuma app.

‘There are many smart products on the market today that do one thing – be that audio, or lighting or security – they don’t integrate with each other easily, if at all. Our vision is that, through consolidating these core applications into a single integrated platform, people can easily transform their living spaces in imaginative ways’, said Morten Warren, Zuma founder and CEO.