ARgENTUM introduces le sérum infini, a day and night serum promising radiant, smooth skin with a Botox-like effect. This innovative product combines Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP with ArgirelineⓇ Amplified and Chaga mushroom extract to enhance glow and smooth wrinkles. ArgirelineⓇ Amplified inhibits muscle movement, boosting collagen and smoothing skin. Chaga mushroom extract reduces inflammation and fine lines while supporting the skin barrier. Argan oil plumps moisture levels and improves radiance. The serum’s unique carrier system enhances ingredient effectiveness, promoting collagen production and hydration. Infused with the natural rose scent LOVER, it uplifts the mood and soothes the skin. By combining powerful active ingredients with a unique delivery system, ARgENTUM’s le sérum infini provides a comprehensive anti-ageing solution, supporting the skin’s natural resilience and radiance for a healthy, glowing complexion.