The Autumn Collection by The Last Drop

Fine spirits curator The Last Drop Distillers has released three rare, aged spirits for its 2020 Autumn collection, including its first rum. The special release includes an aged 1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon, the 43-year-old Overproof Jamaican Rum and the 1959 Vintage Grande Champagne Cognac, each of which has a fascinating story behind its discovery. The three spirits are available in limited runs of 240, 183, and 21 bottles, respectively.

The Last Drop Managing Director, Rebecca Jago, said the collection demonstrates the brand’s distinct cross-category approach to curation. ‘Each of these spirits is a small marvel of its kind, just waiting to be savoured by those seeking the truly remarkable. The pleasure of curation is in the sharing of the discovery, so we are delighted to be able to share these unique bottles from our collection’, she commented.