AESOP Ptolemy Aromatique Candle

Australian skincare and fragrance brand Aesop has launched a series of long-awaited scented candles, named for ancient astronomers Aganice, Callippus and Ptolemy.

Created in partnership with perfumer Barnabé Fillion, a long-time collaborator of the brand, the celestial theme for the trio of candles was sparked by the notion of ‘candles as stars’ when likening ‘the flickering light of candles in the dark to the luminosity of stars’, according to Aesop Director of Innovation, Dr Kate Forbes.

The candles each have a distinct scent profile, with the spicy and floral Aganice made with cardamom, clove, mimosa and tobacco; the earthy Callippus incorporating frankincense, guaiac wood, and shiso; and the woody Ptolemy made with cedar, cypress and vetiver.