Caran d’Ache Timegraph

Geneva-based Caran d’Ache has revealed Timegraph, the world’s first fountain pen to incorporate a watch with mechanical movement.

Bringing together two pinnacles of Swiss excellence, Haute Écriture and luxury watchmaking, the limited-edition collector’s item is crafted bespoke to order.

With a run time of 40 hours, the pen is fitted with a sapphire crystal that reveals its watch mechanism, with 18 jewelled bearings, rhodium-coated finishes and Geneva wave.

The pen is presented in a black wooden lacquer box that emulates that of a watch case and is available with a number of customisable options that include enamelling, glazing, or miniature engraving.

On request, Timegraph can be created fully bespoke by Caran d’Ache’s master craftspeople.