It is that time of the year again for the traditional Luxury Briefing London Retail Property Holiday Quiz. Each question has a loose association with the season and a reminder of the months of this year – see how many you can get, with the answers posted below.


  1. Which King bestowed – well actually, confiscated – land in what is now Covent Garden, to create an east-to-west link of the city? 
  2. Nine new openings were scheduled on Bond Street for early 2019, but an Italian jeweller surprised by opening at No.1. Name that brand? 
  3. You wait a number of years for a new brand on the street, and then two come along! Name both. Welcome back to Savile Row one of the apprentices, and a brand relocating from just around the corner. 
  4. In March 2019, ‘The master of us all’ to quote Christian Dior, opened in Sloane Street.
  5. By April, there were three successive openings in Bond Street. Name all three. 
  6. The favoured designer of the Duchess of Sussex: that ‘green dress’ committed to opening in Brompton Cross. Name the Italian brand of vintage sophistication. 
  7. ‘In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity’, to quote Albert Einstein. Which brand took full advantage of the generous rent-frees on offer in New Bond Street, to be the first luxury retailer to commit to the New Cross Rail development? 
  8. The final cost of this building in 1935 is now roughly the same as the sovereign wealth fund are spending per day to create a new London landmark. Perhaps with a little ‘help’ from your friends, or having a discreet look at a ‘message in a bottle’ to quote a resident, will provide the answers.  
  9. There has been a market on this site for over 350 years. Now DECIEM, Dr Martens, Rag & Bone and CHANEL have replaced the original fruit and vegetable stalls.  
  10. A second landing of the birds from New Zealand in Marylebone High Street. Name that store.  
  11. Need a hotel for Christmas? Cadogan, in collaboration with this particular luxury group, opened the new hotel in Knightsbridge.  
  12. And for that wonderful Christmas cake, this Italian baker established in 1824 is the ‘go-to’ location on Mount Street. 

And from us, ‘Have yourself a very Merry Christmas’ – Wilson McHardy x







  1. Henry VIII
  2. FOPE
  3. Hackett and Drake’s
  4. Balenciaga
  5. Michael Kors, Chopard and Celine
  6. A.R.O.S.H.
  7. Canali
  8. Battersea Power Station
  9. Old Spitalfields Market
  10. Allbirds
  11. LVMH – Belmond Hotel Group
  12. Marchesi 1824