English interior designer OKA, has partnered with artist and architect Ron Arad on a handmade collectors’ chair which will launch during PAD.

Named AKO, the sculptural design comes in a limited run of just 10 pieces, which are individually hand-finished by Arad. ‘On the face of it, what OKA does is the other side of the spectrum to what I do. But it doesn’t matter. There are lots of common elements – quality, perfectionism, and at the end of the day, a culture of luxury and tactility.’ said Arad about the collaboration.

The piece is a take on OKA’s Washakie chair, which is wrapped in highly polished reflective copper and stainless steel. Arad and OKA will launch a second piece called UNDERCOVER in early 2020. Available from www.theinvisiblecollection.com