Ilhwa Kim Seed System

Set to launch tomorrow, 25 September, for a two-week residency at London’s HOFA Gallery, Ilhwa Kim’s solo exhibition Seed System displays the artist’s skilful use of intricate paper techniques to create bold, avant-garde works.

Seed System is the South Korean contemporary artist’s third solo exhibition in London and showcases her ability to make abstract works by fusing sculpting and painting techniques. Creating ‘seed universes’ from hand-painted Hanji paper, the pieces feature varying textures, colours and dimensions when viewed from different angles and distances.

Kim says she wishes the exhibition to be ‘a direct comment on how our senses get organised.’ Her growing list of solo exhibitions includes the US Dennos museum solo show and the Guangzhou Opera House solo show.

Seed System runs from 10:00am to 7:00pm daily, Wednesday 25 September to 6 October at HOFA Gallery, London, SW1Y 4UY.