Throughout her childhood, Alexandra Pisani was immersed in the world of hospitality. Using this as her foundation, she has gone to launch her wedding planing agency, Alexandra Pisani & Co creating unique events with an understated approach to luxury.

There are countless elements required to make a wedding seamless. More than the flowers, the dress and the multi-tiered cake combined, are the discreet details that catch you off guard and as a guest, make you feel as though you are part of a truly bespoke experience. There’s also the flow of events during the actual day to consider, from the ‘I do’s’ to the first dance.

Not to mention any surprises the weather might throw into the mix and all the while being on hand with tissues for the mother of the bride. Masterminding the thinking underlying all of these elements, Alexandra Pisani and her team orchestrate from behind the scenes to ensure every couple’s wedding day is handled with care and executed with precision. As the founder of her eponymous event planning agency, Alexandra has long been attuned to clients’ needs having grown up immersed in hospitality thanks to her hotelier father, Alfred Pisani who founded the Corinthia Group of Companies and still works as the company’s chairman.

Observing life through the lens of 5-star service, Alexandra ‘really saw what exceptional customer care looked like.’ This in turn, gave direction to her chosen career path in hospitality, working at hotels including the George V in Paris and The Dorchester in London, before diving into the weddingplanning realm during a stint at a high-end event planning company in LA working on A-list celebrity weddings. ‘The variety has given me a different insight into hospitality,’ says Alexandra who’s built upon her extensive experience planning destination weddings to launch the brand identity and website for Alexandra Pisani & Co. earlier this year.

The creative thinking behind the company, she says, is underpinned by an understated approach to luxury, seen most vividly in the brand’s imagery by photographer Lelia Scarfiotti. It’s also a theme that runs like a thread through the Alexandra Pisani & Co. service, adding to the other values held at the core of the company including ‘ambition, precision, care, commitment and understanding’, says Alexandra, highlighting how ‘each experience we deliver further personifies these values.’

So what does Alexandra consider to be the most important elements when creating a successful event? First and foremost is teamwork, as Alexandra testifies: ‘It’s all about establishing an intimate collaboration between us and the couple, so we can really achieve something special.’ Listening to the brides is also crucial as a lot of planners often slip into the trap of creating an event which serves solely to boost their portfolios rather than appreciating what their clients want. ‘Some of the best weddings are realised when a planner goes above and beyond,’ as Alexandra has come to learn through her own successes, and part of this also lies in creating an element of surprise. ‘The guest should not be able to absorb all the beauty of the event at one glance,’ says Alexandra, who ultimately wants guests to be excited while they soak up every nanosecond of the day. ‘There should be elements that are gradually revealed throughout the day, adding to the overall experience.’

As with most large-scale events, timing is everything. This may not be fully appreciated as a guest but Alexandra and her team work tirelessly to ensure the day flows as smoothly as possible. ‘It’s important to make sure there aren’t any gaps in the proceedings while allowing the couple and their guests to enjoy the occasion.’

An element of trust between a wedding planner and a couple is key ‘as there needs to be a moment when they feel completely in our hands,’ and knowing all too well how quickly a couple’s big day flashes by, Alexandra wants everyone in attendance at a wedding to enjoy the occasion as it is intended to be celebrated: surrounded by friends, family and the personal ties packaging the whole event together like a treasured gift.

From the first meeting with a couple to the time they eventually drag themselves away from the wedding day festivities, Alexandra and her team spend a year with the bride and groom. ‘We want to understand what their values are, what they like, what inspires them and really see whether we can provide a good match for them,’ emphasising how the bond between the wedding planner and the couple is like a marriage in itself, built on trust, communication and a shared goal.

By definition, a wedding is a union between two individuals and so no two weddings are the same. This landmark occasion in a couple’s life could, therefore, be considered as the ultimate tailormade experience. To Alexandra the meaning of bespoke in wedding terms comes down to ‘helping a couple articulate and ultimately achieve their dream wedding,’ adding ‘there’s a lot of emotion invested in the process’ whether it’s from the bride, the bride’s mother or even the bride’s groom, as ‘everyone involved plays a part in making the day a truly unforgettable experience.’

Emerging out of the particularly busy summer period, Alexandra and her team are looking ahead to the next five years and and how far the Alexandra Pisani & Co. brand can expand. ‘We want to be recognised as the best wedding and events planning company worldwide!’