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In 2011 the Bulgari family, majority shareholder of the renowned Italian jewellery house established in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, joined forces with the LVMH Group and transferred its majority shareholding in Bulgari SpA. The L3.7bn, all-share deal made the Bulgaris the second largest family shareholder of the LVMH Group. After the acquisition FRANCESCO TRAPANI, great-grandson of the founder, CEO of Bulgari SpA and the driving force behind its success over the past 20 years, was made a member of the LVMH board of directors and appointed President of the LVMH Watch & Jewellery Division. From his position now supervising Bulgari, Chaumet, De Beers, Fred, Dior Watches, Tag Heuer, Zenith and Hublot, he gives LUCY REITER the view from the top of the luxury pyramid.

Nick Foulkes - The luck of the drawer

Today heritage is a term that is used with a sort of wilful abandon. In fact I would guess that ‘heritage of the brand’ fights it out with ‘DNA of the brand’ for the title of most abused marketing cliché...



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A Curious Group of Hotels

Date: December 2010/ January 2011 (143) Category: Luxury Goods & Services, Reports Brand: A Curious Group of Hotels

A new boutique hotel has opened in Amsterdam. The Canal House, on the Keizersgracht canal in the trendy Nine Streets area, is made up of three converted merchant’s houses and has 23 individually-designed rooms. Room categories are ‘Good’, ‘Better’, ‘Great’, ‘Exceptional’ and ‘Best’, depending on their size and view. The Best room occupies the entire […]


The architects of luxury

Date: May 2008 (117) Category: Features

The luxury industry is a style-led sector, often setting precedents which are then embraced throughout the design community. One of the most important elements is the ‘casing’ that surrounds its shops, hotels, restaurants and showrooms. Numerous architects have made outstanding contributions to driving forward both aesthetics and structural innovation. Here is Luxury Briefing’s look at […]



Date: Feb 07 () Category: Luxury Goods & Services, Reports Brand: L’Hotel

L’Hotel on rue des Beaux Arts in the St Germain de Prés area of Paris, acquired by the Curious Group of Hotels, has reopened following a year of extensive refurbishment as conceived by Jacques Garcia (also the designer for Fouquet’s Barrière, above). In its former incarnation as Hotel d’Alsace, it was notable as the place […]


In June L’Hôtel in Paris will be relaunched by Jessica Sainsbury and the team behind Cowley Manor, the contemporary country house hotel in England’s Cotswolds. L’Hôtel is on rue des Beaux Arts in the St Germain des Près sector of the Left Bank, an area currently growing in popularity as a retail hotspot as […]

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