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In 2011 the Bulgari family, majority shareholder of the renowned Italian jewellery house established in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, joined forces with the LVMH Group and transferred its majority shareholding in Bulgari SpA. The L3.7bn, all-share deal made the Bulgaris the second largest family shareholder of the LVMH Group. After the acquisition FRANCESCO TRAPANI, great-grandson of the founder, CEO of Bulgari SpA and the driving force behind its success over the past 20 years, was made a member of the LVMH board of directors and appointed President of the LVMH Watch & Jewellery Division. From his position now supervising Bulgari, Chaumet, De Beers, Fred, Dior Watches, Tag Heuer, Zenith and Hublot, he gives LUCY REITER the view from the top of the luxury pyramid.

Nick Foulkes - The luck of the drawer

Today heritage is a term that is used with a sort of wilful abandon. In fact I would guess that ‘heritage of the brand’ fights it out with ‘DNA of the brand’ for the title of most abused marketing cliché...



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Jaguar Land Rover

Date: May 2012 (157) Category: Luxury Goods & Services, Reports Brand: Jaguar Land Rover

Beijing Auto Show was the venue for Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) first outing of its new Jaguar XJ Ultimate, a car developed by its recently established specialist ETO division. The division is responsible for extending the Jaguar and Land Rover brands with a series of special edition models as well as a range of personalisation […]


THE 16th annual LB Awards party, co-hosted by Bloomberg, was held at The Corinthia Hotel London. Over 400 privately-invited guests packed the ballroom to celebrate with cocktails and Champagne Perrier-Jouet as the ‘Oscars of the industry’ were presented to those who have achieved great, inspirational and noteworthy things in luxury over the past year. On […]

IN common with many businesses, luxury and otherwise, we weren’t sure what 2012 would bring. As a bespoke luxury travel company, we knew the luxury market was growing (we’d had a successful 2011) and that there were some obvious trends, but we wanted to find out more. So, to gain a better picture of the luxury industry as a whole – and to share some of our own experiences – we decided to host our own luxury summit. We based the event not in a conference room, but a hotel and resort that were a fitting context for a discussion on luxury. Having organised numerous high-end, off-site gatherings for our business clients, we fixed on a ski resort in Switzerland. We have worked with the fabulous Grand Hotel Park in Gstaad for over a decade: recently refurbished, in a resort synonymous with luxury and wealth and with plenty of ‘summits’ of its own, this seemed to be the perfect location.

Autoluxe: Cat out of bag

Date: February 2012 (154) Category: Autoluxe, Features Brand: Jaguar

Under the steady hand of Ian Callum, Jaguar is already at the top of its game, with each model – XJ, XF, XK – continuing to win awards and praise. This distinguished trio is soon to be joined by the luscious C-X16 coupé. There has long been discussion of what a true successor to the […]


Worth its wait

Date: October 2011 (151) Category: Autoluxe, Features Brand: BMW

The one they’ve all been waiting for… Since it first appeared in 1984, the M5 has embodied BMW’s brand values of power and efficiency. With each iteration has come yet more horse power, stopping power and, recently, better fuel economy and emissions. So where have we got to with this latest version? A 4.4-litre twin-turbo […]



Date: July/ August 2011 (149) Category: Autoluxe, Features Brand: Jaguar

Jaguar has never been in a better position throughout its 89-year history, and chief designer Ian Callum is also riding high. The current range of cars – XJ, XF and XK – keep winning awards and various scrumptious delights are on the horizon, including the C-X75 hybrid supercar reviewed here recently. The rewards of great […]


Shop at the Savoy

Date: March 2011 (145) Category: Luxury Goods & Services, Reports Brand: Shop at the Savoy

Change Retail, a new business offering bespoke shopping experiences for guests and visitors at leading hotels, has recently launched its first exclusive service, aiming to “rewrite the demand for super-luxe shopping within world-famous hotels.” Shop at The Savoy is a luxury service and product collection based at the recently renovated Savoy hotel, offering a menu […]


Auto luxe: Shock of the new

Date: November 2010 (142) Category: Autoluxe, Features Brand: Jaguar

This month it can only be one car – the stunning Jaguar C-X75, which took everyone by complete surprise at the Paris show. It is highly significant for several reasons: it signals a welcome return of Jaguar to the supercar arena, it showcases genuinely new technology – a combination of lithium-ion batteries and gas turbines […]

Date: 4th Oct 10 Category: Blogs Author: Blogs, Stephen Bayley

HE thoughtfully said there will always be a demand for cars with a lot of interior space, but that did not necessarily mean large exterior dimensions. And power? Hooydonk triangulated again told me that engines are going to become ever more small and efficient. So all change here, then.Then I asked a more subtle question. […]


Autoluxe: Green cat

Date: July/ August 2010 (139) Category: Autoluxe, Features Brand: Jaguar

There is no resting on laurels for Jaguar under designer Ian Callum (see LB Dec/Jan). The XF is the world’s best mid-size saloon and the all-new XJ is a sensation. Now Jaguar has unveiled the ’Limo-Green’ version of the XJ. Journalists have been driving the prototype (which in itself is highly unusual) and the car […]

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